Wintery Morning Walk

Woke this morning to find that last weekend‘ apparent start of Spring was a false alarm, with the snow returning for (hopefully) one last time this winter. Undeterred the little-one was wrapped in many layers and braved the (not so) chilly conditions to find some nice wintery shots to add to the collection:

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We’re now back home safe, sound and warmer, with a free Saturday to do with as we like as most of my planned DIY involved being outside, which isn’t going to happen now.

Andrew Waite

There and back again (to Durham)

Woke up to a beautiful crisp morning, so we rounded up the clan (well; me, Jo, Chloe and the 4-legged ones) and took a walk into Durham. It’s closer than I was expecting, and lead to some great rolling countryside, especially considering we barely left concrete filled civilisation.

Route on the way into Durham:


This was the first view we glimpsed of Durham Cathedral. Unfortunately I only had my phone on me so picture quality isn’t great, for those that can’t make it out, you’re looking for the two blocky shapes in the centre.



Rolling greenery:

And first sighting of the River Wear:


After a brief rest for lunch in Durham Marketplace we headed back home, this time sticking to what can be considered civilisation.

And Back Again
And Back Again

All told, not a bad way to spend a quiet Sunday morning