Dark Angels – Greenwing Rising

I’ve been working on my new Dark Angels force for around six months, whilst theres been plenty of activity on my Flickr feed covering my progress I’ve been slow to write up any of the progress in any meaningful way. This is the first in what should be a series of posts hoping to correct this.

When I started painting the tactical squads I had available it was with one purpose in mine; Force Organisation Chart requires two Troops choices for a legal army, and Tactical Squads are the stalwart of any Space Marine list. After finishing work I’ve come to really like the look of the unit both in pictures and on the tabletop; and after a handful of games I’ve found my mundane core troops to be far more reliable than the more exotic elite options in my force.

After a bit of trial and error I’ve settled on a quick, easy and repeatable method for the Greenwing elements of my force:

  1. Spray basecoat: Caliban Green – GW’ recent release of coloured sprays are a godsend (or Army Painter’s range will come to your aid….)
  2. All over wash with Nuln Oil for shading – You can be more careful and just shade the recesses of the figure, personally I found this overly time consuming for limited improvement in effect. Your mileage may vary depending on how ‘clean’ you want the final miniature to look
  3. Drybrush: Warpstone Glow
  4. Drybrush: Moot Green – If you follow the Dark Vengeance painting guide┬áthese steps should be edge highlights with the detail brush. Personally I’ve not got the patience nor steady hand for that method, I like the drybrushed effect and have had favourable feedback for the end result so far.

If you’ve followed the above, without additional detail your mini should look like this:


With the basics out the way, and without further ado, I give you: Dark Angels, 5th Company, Squads 1 & 2:

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Unit (numbered shoulder pads) and company (left knee) insignia are freehand; I’ve not given sergeant, heavy or special weapon figures unit markings to allow flexibility with lists if I need to swap different weaponry in to counter specific threats. Bases have been a quick and effective processes, essentially broken cork board – but I intend to cover the basing scheme for my Dark Angels force separately at another time.

Armoured transports are currently a work in progress, but teaser/progress shots have already leaked – watch this space…..

— Andrew