Papercraft Terrain – iKube

Previous attempts at home built terrain pieces were less than successful. Luckily some research and assistance from kind #warmongers on the Inter-tubez I came across a Spanish site (with English translations, thankfully) Toposolitario; who, amongst other projects, developed and FREELY released the iKube project. As the project has a tagline of ‘Scenery made easy’, it sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

You can download several PDF’s from the project containing full colour templates for easily, quickly and cheaply building some good looking terrain pieces.¬†First production run:

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Considering I purchased no specialist equipment I’m delighted with the results, it’s amazing what can be produced with a standard, ageing printer and low-weight A4. I had expected the units to be somewhat flimsy, especially given the thickness of paper I had on hand with testing; but even now the units stack well and as you can see above happily support¬†plastic minis without collapsing.

Each crate took around 5 minutes to erect once I has the process figured out.

Going forward I intend to purchase some thicker paper / thin card for strength and durability, plus consider some form of cross-brace to help support the top section, just to be sure.

As 6th ed. 40K meta is requiring an increasing amount of LoS blocking terrain, and other systems (like *cough*Infinity*cough*) are played with a higher terrain tensity this should be a nice way to begin or expand any terrain collection – especially as there is no gluing involved, allowing the templates to revert back to flat A4 for safe and minimal storage requirements.


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