Introducing the 25th Host

Since about 7 years old I’ve been a table-top gamer, with game of choice being Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. I’ve not actually played for many years since my weekly club closed (if any fellow alumni from Tudhoe/Spennymoor’ Friday night group are about, say Hi), and anyone who ever played with me will know I was never much of a painter, either in quality or quantity.

For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to change my painting habits, starting by building up a force of WordBearer Chaos Space Marines. Several of the units started life as test cases, so the quality currently varies from unit to unit, but I have started to find a style that works for me. I’m not liable to win any Golden Daemon awards any time soon, but the end result is better than I’ve had in the past, and more than acceptable for gaming with.

So without further ado, I introduce: The 25th Host.

At the core (and several of my practice units) are the Chaos Space Marine units. Several weapon options available, and are providing a core force to keep my Host in-line with most (all?) Force Organisation Charts for gaming

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Jo bought me a Chaos Defiler as a gift (admittedly, asked for) which is one of the reasons I started with Chaos, love the look of the model and hopefully I’ve managed to do some justice to it. On the battle field, I’m hoping it will provide some serious firepower with it’s battle cannon, as well as provide a scary enough target that opponents focus on it, leaving the rest of the Host free to go about their blasphemous deeds.

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Adding to the theme of walking firepower comes in the form of a Dreadnought Hellbrute. Whilst a little extravagant  I immediately took a liking to the WordBearer Dread available from Forge World. It took over two weeks to complete the paint job, I’m pleased with the end result, making a good centre piece to the Host, both visually and in the midst of combat.

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For some close combat punch there’s a small unit of Possessed, like the rest of the Host, mostly because I just like the look of the figures.

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And Khorne has provided a boon on the close combat front with a unit of Berzerkers

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For the time being, the Host is without a Dark Apostle (scandalous, I know) with command falling to the illustrious Fabius Bile (mostly caused I’ve loved and owned the figure for years). Ol’ Fabius is actually one of the first figures I started painting, I’m generally happy with the end result but definitely areas I want to improve on when I have time to give him a make over.

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Recent interception by the Astropathic Choir indicate that the 25th Host may be expecting re-enforcements in the near future, thanks to an un-opened Dark Vengeance boxset and a unit of Mutilators thanks to a Christmas gift from Alex. Updates to come….


Hello world!

Hello All!

There have been several projects I’ve intended to doing for a while. This site will be the home for them all.

If you’re in anyway interested in the random ramblings of a geek that struggles to focus on one project at a time, stay tuned.