Warmaster Chaos Warband

A recent tidy up of my gaming cupboard (don’t ask) caused me to knock the dust of my Chaos Warband for Warmaster. For those that haven’t come across it before Warmaster was one of Games Workshop’ (sadly now de funct) ‘Specialist games’. Unlike most of GW’ games, Warmaster is 10mm scale, and is basically a Fantasy version of the better known Titan Legions/Epic 40k game systems.

Looking over all my army choices, seems I’ve got no love of being the good guy, so it should be no surprise my army of choice was Chaos. On top of personal preference Chaos provided several benefits:

  • Firstly: Chaos are expensive points-wise, meaning you get a solid core of hard hitting troops, in limited numbers – so you don’t need to paint masses of units.
  • The figures are nice, I particularly like the harpies and dragon orges, even the massed ranks of low level marauders look good en mass.
  • Chaos tactics are fairly one dimensional: find something to hit, hit it hard – perfect for what was my first foray back into the world of gaming a few years back.

Being 10mm, the armies are quick and easy to paint due to size and (thankfully for me) very forgiving for an incompetent painter like myself. Unfortunately the scale was playing havoc with my camera so these shots are far from ideal, think I’ll need a more powerful lens before I start a major foray in the the world of smaller scale gaming, will stick to 28mm for the time being.

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Whilst the warband haven’t hit the table top for a while, I’ve still got some heavy hitting units finish painting and basing; heavy cavalry, chariots and a DRAGON! Watch this space 🙂

–Andrew Waite

Necrons – Royal Court

I’ve finally finished HQ for my Necrons, just in time for their next outing at the weekend: 1750pts vs Tau.

Not completely happy with the finish; with the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have forced through the end of my Skull White spray can, the finish isn’t as smooth as it should be. Planning to strip and repaint at some point to correct, but for now I need fully painted and based units on the table-top.

Unfortunately not the best quality shots, didn’t have time fully setup my usual lighting rig. I’ll try to get some better shots added to the Flickr set later, for now.

Royal Court - Front


Royal Court - Back


From left to right: Lord with Warscythe, Despair Cryptek, Nemesor Zahndrek, Lord with Warscythe and resurrection orb.

Both lords have the option of a Command Barge, but I’m currently preferring running these as Annihilation Barges