Necrons – Royal Court

I’ve finally finished HQ for my Necrons, just in time for their next outing at the weekend: 1750pts vs Tau.

Not completely happy with the finish; with the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have forced through the end of my Skull White spray can, the finish isn’t as smooth as it should be. Planning to strip and repaint at some point to correct, but for now I need fully painted and based units on the table-top.

Unfortunately not the best quality shots, didn’t have time fully setup my usual lighting rig. I’ll try to get some better shots added to the Flickr set later, for now.

Royal Court - Front


Royal Court - Back


From left to right: Lord with Warscythe, Despair Cryptek, Nemesor Zahndrek, Lord with Warscythe and resurrection orb.

Both lords have the option of a Command Barge, but I’m currently preferring running these as Annihilation Barges


Necrons – Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

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Like the Ark kit, the barge kit can be made into two different nits; the heavy weapon platform Annihilation Barge or Command Barge, both are AV13 skimmers making it fairly difficult to deal with quickly. I like the strength of both units, but am currently favouring the heavy option, especially as it’s only 90pts – bargain.

The twin-linked Tesla Destructor has the potential to dish out some serious hits; S7, assault 4, and as it’s Tesla it triples wound output for any to-hit roll of a 6. If that’s not enough, if it generates at least one hit, the Destructor can ‘arc’ into any unit (friend of foe) with 6″ of the target unit on a 6, causing additional damage to secondary units.

I’ve fielded one A-Barge in battle so far with a respectable return on investment, thanks to birthday gifts my Necron force now fields two for added tesla goodness.


Necrons – Arks of the Covenent

I love the Necron Ark kit, one of GW’s first multi-option kits. That is, until I started building my first Ark, this kit lives up to it’s reputation as one of GW’s trickiest kits.

Ghost Ark

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The Ghost Ark forms the core of a Necron warrior phalanx, providing transport, firepower and even the ability to re-animate fallen warriors. Getting the Ghost Ark into a premium firing position can be tricky as the vehicle’ weapons can only broadside so you risk exposing rear armour to the enemy, but as the Ghost Ark is open-topped it also allows a full unit of warriors (or Crypteks *cheese*) to fire from the platform. The pay-off is if you can position the Ark between multiple enemy units the volume of fire can be withering; in my last game it took out a full SW blood claw and long fang unit in a single turn, not a bad damage output.

Doomsday Ark

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The Doomsday Ark is the heavy weapon variant of the kit, mounting the rather frightening Doomsday cannon; 72″ range, S9, AP1, large blast. Not much can withstand that level of punishment. Unfortunately that statline is only relevant if the Ark remained stationary, if it moved it’s reduced down to 24″, S7, AP4 standard blast; not as devastating, but still no slouch if you need to reposition the Ark for a better tactical position.

I’ve yet to use the Doomsday Ark in a competitive match-up, but I’m looking forward to seeing it make it’s first kills.


Necrons – Stalkers and Hyperspace Hunters

Triarch Stalker

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The Stalker is, in my opinion, a very cool looking model; and thankfully it has some useful abilities on the battle field. I’ve provided mine with the weapon loadout unique to the Stalker, the Heat ray.

Like the Doomsday Cannon, the Heat Ray has two alternate firemodes, providing some great levels of tactical flexibility:

  • Focused Beam: 24″, S8, AP1, Heavy2, Melta – Perfect for popping heavy armour
  • Dispersed Beam: Flamer template, S5, AP4 – Perfect for handling infantry hordes

If the heat ray wasn’t enough, the Stalker adds to Necron’s pool of AV13 armour AND if the heat-ray hits an enemy unit, all other Necron units targeting the same enemy unit count their weapons as twin-linked thanks the the Stalker’ target relay ability. Synergy FTW.


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Deathmarks are essentially snipers, with all the offensive capabilities that the sniper rule brings to the table. Increasing deathmarks’ kill-ability is the Hunters from Hyperspace ability, pick an enemy unit when deathmarks enter the battlefield and they gain bonuses to ability to take out chosen unit even more easily than usual. Filter in deep-strike with the ability to arrive in the opponents turn thanks to Ethereal Interception, and deathmarks can definitely become a thorn in the opponent’s side.


The Necron tomb awakens

To get inspiration for my Word Bearer host I read Anthony Reynolds excellent Word Bearer Omnibus. As the Necrons are the recurring antagonists it sparked my curiosity in the futuristic undead, they became an obvious choice for my next project.

Despite the ease of painting (and my own shortcomings in the area) one thing I want to avoid was a monotone metallic force so went off in inspiration of alternatives. Fortunately the GW site has an article challenging a selection gamers and modellers to design a new scheme for a Necron force in just one day. Dan Harden’s attempt immediately caught my attention due to a distinct lack of metal, serving as a great design base I swapped out Dan’ purple (which I really liked) as I wanted to continue to make use of the translucent green gauss barrels from the warrior set.

Without further ado: Single warrior


Full Unit


And matching scarabs


More of the tomb should awaken shortly…