Starting with scenery

As my Wordbearer host is starting to grow I decided it was time to build some scenery for them to fight over. Building scenery is something I’ve never really tried to do so I’ve attempted a few different projects to figure out what works, but mostly found what doesn’t.

Progress so far:

Noone wants to fight over a flat, desolate landscape, I thought hills would be a good place to start. First attempt was to shape a block of polystyrene, base and paint. End result, it’s not exactly hill shaped (and still not fully painted:

Polystyrene hill - attempt no 1
Polystyrene hill – attempt no 1

Second attempt at hill making took my back to my childhood: Screwed up balls of newspaper provided the base, with layers of papier mache providing the finish. This is still a WIP, and not ideal but I do think it shows more promise thank the polystyrene variant, and with cheaper materials to boot.

Papier mache hill - WIP
Papier mache hill – WIP

As I already had my polystyrene blocks and papier mache out, I tried my hand at some basic fortifications, essentially looking for some small, bulk and cheap scenery to change the battle field between each skirmish. Basically chopped the polystyrene into strips, and papeir mached for a foundation. I still need to paint these up (black spray, grey/white drybrush) but they should definitely do the job for cheap and plentiful scenery until I can flesh my collection out with more advanced pieces.



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